What we do

We bring together the organisers of LGBT+ Pride events in the UK, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland. We do this through online networking, an annual conference, and representations at Prides, events, and other seminars and conferences.

The UK Pride Organisers Network (UKPON) exists to bring Pride organisers together to share knowledge and experiences, and to support the development of the Pride movement in the UK. It does not represent these individual Prides, nor speak or act on behalf of any of its members, all of whom are separate organisations with their own management and structure.

All Pride organisations are eligible to be a member of the Network, and all are considered members unless they opt out. We do not charge a membership fee.

UKPON is an Associate Member of the European Pride Organisers Association and InterPride, and a member of the LGBT Consortium and ILGA.

Our Board

Our Board was elected in October 2016 and each year four roles are subject to election at the Autumn Conference. The year that individual roles are next due for election is shown after each role below.

Co-Chairs: Steve Taylor (Pride in London) (2017) and Andy Train (Pride in Hull) (2018)

Secretary: Mazz Image, Oxford Pride (2017)

Treasurer: Paul Desson-Baxter, Coventry Pride (2018)

Inclusion Officer: Andr√© Oldfield, Worcestershire Pride (2018)

Membership Officer: JayJay Potter-Peachey, Gloucestershire Pride [until September 2017] then Coventry Pride [from September 2017] (2018)

Communications Officer: Vacant (2017)

UK Pride Officer: Vacant (2017)

Board members' contact details can be found on the Contact us page.

Our History

Despite the UK having more Pride events than any other European country, previous attempts at bringing Pride organisers together had been short-lived. In early 2016, Pride in London and Manchester Pride organised a conference attended by 60 organisers, and the idea for the Network was born.

At a further conference, organised by Pride in London and Birmingham Pride in October 2016, the Network was formally established and a Board elected. 

Since the Network's establishment, the Board has been working to develop policies, ideas and programmes to support members and to further the Pride movement in the UK. 

The Spring Conference was hosted by Pride Cymru in Cardiff in March 2017.