The UK has more than 100 Pride events each year ranging from small community events for a few hundred people, to large festival-style Prides and major public events attracting hundreds of thousands. And that's something to be proud of - and why the UK Pride Organisers Network awards 'UK Pride' status to one Pride each year.

UK Pride status is intended to shine a beacon on a Pride that wouldn't usually get much attention either regionally, nationally or internationally, and to make it a focal point for the Pride movement in the UK in that year. It's a similar model to EuroPride and WorldPride, and Canada has just followed suit, too. 

The first UK Pride was Pride in Hull in 2017, which coincided with Hull's status as UK City of Culture. Pride in Hull saw a five-fold increase in their visitor numbers, and really set the bar high for future UK Pride events. At our Annual Conference in October 2017, Isle of Wight Pride was awarded UK Pride status for 2018.

UK Pride 2018 - Bidding process

The Network invited Pride organisers to bid for UK Pride status in 2018, and all Network members in attendance voted on the four remaining bids at the Autumn Conference in Blackpool in October.

There is no detailed criteria for a bid for UK Pride. We suggest that the bidding organisation should have organised at least one successful Pride event that was diverse, inclusive and well received. Size and location are irrelevant, although the bidding organisation should consider that UK Pride status could increase visitor numbers to their event. Accessibility in all aspects of the event is a key consideration - including any ticket prices.

A bid should include details of the event, its location, date, timings, size, and budget. The bid should also be clear about why the organisation is bidding - including why now, and not next year, for example. The bid should be bold, and be proud of its Pride!

Bids for UK Pride 2018 can be download the four bid documents below (they are PDF and will open in a new window):

Pride organisations wishing to bid for UK Pride in 2019 will be required to submit bids to the Network during the summer of 2018. Application deadline will be provided in the new year.